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DTE Endurance Officially Launches Digital Marketing Agency

After years working with events across Oceania and Southeast ASIA , DTE Endurance is excited to announce the launch of a bespoke digital marketing agency. The industry’s only digital marketing agency that specialises solely on the Endurance sector in Australia and New Zealand.  

The mass participation endurance industry is unique. Its consumers are nuanced and varied.  The motivations of those participating range from passion and enthusiasm to be their best, to win the actual race or their respective age category, to lose weight or improve their health, to complete a gruelling challenge,  fundraise for a meaningful cause, experience an iconic destination or indeed to get that amazing piece of bling at the finish line.

These various and competing motivations provide a challenge when it comes to marketing your event. What is your social messaging? What’s your SEO strategy? What images or videos will attract or engage your target consumers? Who are your actual consumers you are targeting for your event? Whilst these factors can be challenging and impact your ability to not only recruit new participants but retain them, it can also be an exciting opportunity.  

CEO of DTE Endurance James Matthews Said.

“If you utilise key qualitative and quantitative data to truly understand these nuances relevant to your targeted audience, then you position yourself well to significantly increase participation. Indeed, the implementation of your brand, SEO, Digital marketing, and communications plans all become quite fun once you have the insight. It becomes about creativity which the industry is very good at.

This is really the simple model of how our new digital marketing agency was created.  We have access to significant data and have a highly skilled and trained team of  experts who blend analytics and data with creativity.”

We asked James what marketing services DTE Endurance provide.

We provide everything from graphic design, website design, SEO,  digital marketing, CRM Management, communications, strategy, or onsite activations. Our partners either pick one of these services or a mixture of all. We provide a customer service representative who manages and ensures we can provide the right services in line with their timeline, taking the hassle from the organiser by leveraging our already built assets and data insights.

We also know the practicalities of operating events.  Time pressure, cash flow restrictions, resourcing the right amount in key times.  Therefore, we pull together industry expertise with marketing experts to provide a marketing agency at an affordable rate and one that is customisable and relevant to the event.  We are made up of event organisers, volunteers, and participants and so beyond our expertise in different areas of marketing we spend most of our time thinking about how to improve the customer journey and increase people in events.”

The DTE Endurance Marketing Agency has already partnered with events that accumulate to over a staggering 300,000 participants per year. DTE endurance works with new events,  local community or charity supported events with 500 participants all the way through to some of the biggest festival in the region.  If you are interested in finding out more simply contact or go to Marketing – DTE Endurance

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