Seamless Event Integration Through DTE Endurance Ecosystem

DTE Endurance, is a premier endurance event ecosystem, exhibiting an unparalleled mastery of the essential components needed for seamless event execution. Experience and imagine working with DTE Endurance in making your ideal event possible, through the step by step process of partnering with us.


The organizers utilize the efficient registration platforms offered by DTE Endurance’s partners, RaceRoster and RaceXAsia.

They set up the event registration process on RaceRoster, benefiting from its user-friendly interface and efficient system.

Simultaneously, they also engage with RaceXAsia , leveraging its multi-event registration portal to attract participants from across Asia.


DTE Endurance’s brand, Endurance Timing and our partner suppliers, step in to provide the necessary timing services for the event.

Endurance Timing’s team collaborates with the organizers to assess the event’s requirements, including the number of participants, equipment needs, and result collection software.

They install timing chips and set up data servers to ensure accurate timing throughout the event.


DTE Endurance’s Primary Endurance brand comes into play to drive marketing efforts for the event. Primary Endurance develops a comprehensive marketing strategy, targeting the event’s specific audience through social media campaigns, email marketing, and targeted advertising.

They create engaging content, highlight the event’s unique features, and generate interest among potential participants.


To enhance participant engagement and foster relationships, the organizers leverage DTE Endurance’s partnership with Ani Activity.

They encourage participants to download and use the Ani Activity app, which provides a platform for year-round interaction based on shared interests in activities and sports events.

Through Ani Activity, participants can connect with others, create events, and share content, building a sense of belonging and excitement.


As participants prepare for the event, DTE Endurance’s brand, Endurance Travel, offers tailored sports travel experiences to ensure hassle-free logistics. Participants can choose from travel packages specifically designed for the event, taking into account their transportation, accommodation, and other needs. Endurance Travel’s attention to detail and expertise in sports tourism enable participants to focus solely on the event and enjoy a seamless travel experience.

Partnering with DTE Endurance means partnering with excellence in every aspect of creating and hosting your ideal endurance event.

-Coach Rio, 2023

With DTE Endurance’s service for Sundown Marathon 2023

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