Connect, Engage, Thrive – Together

Designed to connect like-minded
individuals who share a passion for
activities and sports events.

ANI is a platform that allows you to create, participate, interact, engage and build friendships with other individuals through a shared interest in activities and sports.

Create Experiences

Explore a comprehensive directory of events, discover new activities, and find events that align with your interests and preferences. At the touch of a button, create free activities for your friends, family, and the community.

Connect & Network

With our established community with RaceXAsia and partners, get to engage organically with your audience, build awareness, and promote your event effectively with the right targeted people.

Take Part & Be Involved

Take part at your own convenience in your own format. Purposefully crafted so you can easily create and participate in activities. Access detailed event maps, track your progress, and explore key points of interest.

Rewards & Achievements

Earn badges and rewards for your participation, achievements, and contributions. We’ve created something that gives the power back to you, the individual, to engage in sport and activity when and where suits you and with who you like.

ANI Activity brings the ‘swipe right’ to a physical activity and sports ‘playground’.

Putting your vision into reality.

One extraordinary experience at a time.

Providing Solutions For Every Role

Event Organizers

Innovative tools to execute outstanding in-person and virtual event experiences.


Powerful Features to help you raise more for what matters most.


Seamless and accurate solutions to display the results of participants everywhere


Intuitive marketing solutions and CRM Functionality, and even seamless API connections*

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Changing the way you engage and consume sports activities.





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