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Ensure accurate results, seamless tracking, and an elevated level of performance.

With our flagship timing solutions, Endurance Timing, we offer unparalleled
accuracy, real-time tracking, and comprehensive race management
capabilities based on your event needs and requirements.

Accurate Timing Technology

Our state-of-the-art timing equipment utilizes advanced RFID technology to deliver precise and reliable race timing. Every split second counts, and our technology ensures accurate results for each participant.

Real-time Race Tracking

Stay connected with the progress of your participants throughout the race. Our real- time race tracking feature allows event organizers, participants, and spectators to monitor live updates.

Seamless Integration

Building connections is key. Our automated email system keeps your participants engaged with event updates, personalized messages, and race details. Nurture that excitement and create a sense of community leading up to your event.

Customised Reporting

Gain valuable insights and analytics with our customized reporting feature, which allows you to make the right decisions. Access comprehensive race data, participant statistics, and performance metrics to evaluate and improve for the future.

Our experts will guide you through the setup, troubleshoot any issues, and ensure a seamless timing experience.

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Event Organizers

Innovative tools to execute outstanding in-person and virtual event experiences.


Powerful Features to help you raise more for what matters most.


Seamless and accurate solutions to display the results of participants everywhere


Intuitive marketing solutions and CRM Functionality, and even seamless API connections*





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