Valuable event insights

We’ve introduced an optional monthly metrics summary email to help you keep tabs on the progress of your events. In this email, you will receive registration numbers, important dates, and other valuable metrics straight to your inbox.

Here are some ways you will benefit from opting-in to the monthly metrics summary email:

Form an effective strategy to increase your participant count

Using the insights displayed in your monthly metrics summary, you can develop an effective marketing strategy to grow your event! For example, you can see how far away your next price increase is. This could be based on time, such as X days away, or the number of spots remaining. You can use this information to determine an effective time to send out an email campaign targeting your list of potential registrants.

Leverage fundraising insights

The monthly metrics summary will show fundraising insights, such as the total amount fundraised. A great way to leverage these insights is to check if you are nearing a milestone. If the amount is close, this would be a great opportunity to post on social media or ask your participants for help using our email campaign tool.

Determine reasons for registration trends

The registration insights displayed in your monthly metrics summary will help you determine how successful you were in the prior month. You can see how many people registered in the last month, the most popular day for registrations, and what the most popular sub-event was. Now that you have the “what”, try to determine the “why”. Why was that date the most popular? Why was that sub-event the most successful? This can help you get an idea of where to focus your marketing efforts in the future.

Set monthly goals

Start to look forward to your summary email by setting monthly goals and celebrating when you achieve them! For example, you could aim to get more registrations or raise more fundraising dollars than the previous month. Setting monthly goals can be a great motivator for you and your team!

In conclusion, opting-in to receive the monthly metrics summary email is a great way to get valuable event insights and stay up-to-date on monthly progress. 

How to opt-in to these emails

Visit your event metrics page listed under METRICS on your event organizer menu. Toggle the ‘Enable notifications on your metrics (BETA)’ switch to on.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to resource us.

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